Yoga for Mind and Body

Yoga for Mind and Body

It’s no surprise that it’s a very popular form of fitness and is fast catching up as the preferred exercise among people of all age groups. It has gradually gained a strong preference and it’s almost becoming the ‘cool’ form of exercise. Practicing yoga offers you the chance to improve the overall wellbeing by not just improving your physical fitness, but helping and strengthening your mind as well. In today’s fast paced world we all know how important it is to pay a little attention to our mental health as well.

Restful night sleep

As yoga focusses on the sequence of movements and breath, it helps in calming the mind and releasing muscle tension. It’s an excellent way to beat the stress, feel relaxed and get restful sleep.

No more of the hunches

We are becoming increasingly screen-fixated with new gadgets for everything coming into our daily lives. On a regular day before we even realise, we would have already put in a couple of hours reading on our phones or laptops. This lifestyle leads to stiffness in the neck, back and makes us hunch over. By doing some of the specific yoga poses, that open your chest and shoulders up, can help

Easy Remedies To Remove Skin Tan

Easy Remedies To Remove Skin Tan

During summers, we love going out in the sun, wearing our shorts and skirts and tank tops. It’s fun and bright, with a lot of beach time.

But, one thing we absolutely hate is that tanning that follows after. The skin gets an unwanted dark shade and looks dirty for no reason; it’s irritating and just does not look good. You don’t want a tanned face when you flaunt your fashion earrings.

Apart from remedies like milk, rose-water and aloe vera, here are some extremely easy to do, home-made remedies that are a great solution to our tanning problems:

1. Yogurt and Turmeric Mask

What you need in this is to add a pinch of turmeric (haldi) to a bowl of yogurt. Mix it well and then apply it on the tanned area like face, neck, arms, legs etc. leave it for 20 min and then take a cold shower.

Do it regularly for two weeks as yogurt is found to provide glow to your skin and turmeric will help lighten the shade.

2. Lemon Juice

All you need to do is mix lemon juice with warm water and soak your hands in it for about 20 min. you can do this in a bucket to soak

5 Common Questions Asked to a Gynecologist

5 Common Questions Asked to a Gynecologist

When the question of sexual health and vaginas arises, it is quite normal to go through a variety of questions. In fact, having so many questions in your mind is a good thing. It doesn’t matter whether you have had good quality sex education or not, in the future, you are going to have questions regarding gynecology. Some common questions that are asked have been listed and explained below.

1. Will birth control pill result in weight gain?

This is a common misconception. There have many studies been done in the past that prove weight gain is not associated with a birth control pill. Young women tend to gain weight during college and this is the time they use birth control pills.

2. The timing of your first gynecologist visit

It is highly recommended that anyone who has a vagina should visit a gynecologist while she hits the 13 to 15 years age group. This can help build a good rapport with the doctor and also there is a huge amount of information related to prevention, screening and other health related advice passed on. This visit can go a long way as far as your overall vaginal health is concerned. Thus make sure

What Is Cholestasis of Pregnancy and How to Deal With It

What Is Cholestasis of Pregnancy and How to Deal With It

Some of the pregnant women experience some peculiar symptoms in late pregnancy, particularly in the last trimester, including itching of the skin and darkening of the urine color. These symptoms are indicative of the “cholestasis of pregnancy”.

According to the obstetricians, cholestasis is one of the rather less common conditions associated with pregnancy and if caught early on in pregnancy, it is completely treatable.

What Is Cholestasis Of Pregnancy?

Also known as intrahepatic cholestasis or obstetric cholestasis, cholestasis is a liver condition that often develops late in pregnancy as a result of obstruction of the drainage of bile from the gallbladder which is the structure that stores the bile, thereby causing retention of the bile.

Bile is the fluid that helps in the breakdown of fats in food. Since the drainage of the bile is blocked, bile accumulates within the liver and ultimately, it spills into the blood stream. The components of bile accumulate in the skin and cause intense itching. Since bile components are responsible for giving the stools their dark color, absence of bile from stools causes them to become pale.

According to the gynecologists cholestasis develops as a result of the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy including increase in the

5 Types of Yogi: Learn How to Identify Them

5 Types of Yogi: Learn How to Identify Them

Nowadays, Yoga is widely celebrated throughout the world. Lots of people are engaged with free or paid Yoga classes. Famous Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra had taken one step ahead to introduce a 24 days Meditation Challenge. It was observed by thousands of Yoga-lovers both physically and virtually.

As Yoga is gaining popularity it is noticed that Yoga practitioners tend to adopt the title – ‘Yogi’ or ‘Yogini’. It designates them well as most of them are Yoga teachers. But in India a Yoga teacher is hardly considered as Yogi. If someone is practicing Yoga for a long time and teaching others he is not promoted to the post of Yogi.

Shri Ramakrishna Paramhansa uncovered the truth behind a Yogi to his disciples. His worthy disciple, Shri Mahendra Gupta, wrote down the year-long conversations of the Lord in his diaries and published it later. It was named the ‘Kathamrita’.

According to Lord Ramakrishna, there are three types of beings.

1. Agyani (ignorant),
2. Gyani (learned),
3. Yogi (wise/the ultimate).

When someone is ignorant to the spiritual facts, he is considered as Agyani (ignorant). When an Agyani is walking through the path of knowledge and wisdom he is Gyani (learned). He is unveiling the mysteries

Top 5 Exercises To Get Perky & Attractive Breasts

Top 5 Exercises To Get Perky & Attractive Breasts

No matter what’s the size of your breasts, every woman wishes that they have nice and perky breasts. Every woman desires to have ideal size and shape for their bosom. On the other hand, how do men with breasts feel? Very bad! Gynecomastia is a health problem in which men develop breast like tissues in their body. However, with gynecomastia treatment, men can easily get rid of this problem.

Coming back on women’s breasts, we all know that it’s a dream of every woman to have a seductive body. A good shaped bosom can help women to achieve their dreams of owning a desirable body.

Here are top easy exercises that will make your perky and attractive.

1. The T-Plank

Use 5 kg (or less) weights as handles, and get into a push-up position, stretch your legs wider than hip width to acquire better stability. Hold the weight up and lift the right arm, then fully open your body in the right direction to make a shape of ‘T’. Then do the same thing with your left side, after returning to the starting point. Repeat!

2. The Pec Pushup

Press your spine down the ground by lying on your back and then pull in abs

Focus Is The Name Of The Game

Focus Is The Name Of The Game

In the beginning I was really excited that I was seeing results so quickly week after week that it was encouraging and motivating to keep it going. But as I worked my physical body, sweating out pails of water in each class in the forty degrees Celsius hot room, I was gradually fine-tuning my awareness of my surrounding because I was no longer as distracted with the poses like I did on my first few classes.

Eventually, it came so naturally to me like breathing. 26 postures is not hard to remember if you do it continually for a whole month.That’s where the real test began. I needed to start working inwards and clear my thoughts as there were lesser and lesser things I needed to remember about the pose and I was just going at it with ease and flow. I was stepping on the brink of the “danger zone” of going into auto-pilot mode where I would carelessly allow my body to move according to what the “muscle memory” remembers.

That is a big trap that flexible people get into when it starts to become “too easy” for them. Your mind starts to wander off and you are literally